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ORAÏTA Association is a non-profit, apolitical, whose mission is to disseminate the values of Judaism to the general public.



It provides an opportunity for all Jews to discover and explore the wisdom of their immense wealth. With a seminar every week, across France and Francophone countries, Oraïta affects more than fifteen thousand people since its creation in 1993.

Since 3500, the Torah is the light unto the nations, spreading the ideals of monotheism, social justice and education.

The place and importance of Bath Israel (the daughter of Israel)

We're all waiting for the problem. However, our sages say: "We were freed from Egypt through the merit of women" (Tehilim Yalqout Shimon § 795). This was also the case of Chanukah, Judith, and Purim, Esther Jael and Sisera, as well, etc.. There will also be on their resumes in times to come (Midrash Ruth Zout § 11)