ORAITA: Who are we?

The goal is Oraïta:

° to the knowledge of Jewish heritage, a rational and scientific manner by all believers and non-practitioners, the questions about her faith, identity and existence.


Recommendation and / or discourage assimilation, mixed marriages

• Creation of community events open to single

combat · Dialogue with couples in crisis divorce% A60 separations


Oraïta could be several seminars on various socio-professional training physicians, scientists and staff lead in the legal community. Some people were convinced that there is no D ... for they had experienced family tragedies. Other people who lived through the Holocaust, he asked: "Where was D '... in the time of the ghettos and concentration camps?". Others ask what D ... if one lives a painful process.


If we liked a movie, you want to share with family and see all ....

Oraïta has the same sensitivity to live by its chairman Serge Senufo, unable, without replacement. Besides, how can we live in peace when we know that hundreds of thousands of people ignorant of reality are so beautiful? About this Book of Life? The Torah ..



Oraita is by the desire and ambition, the Jewish people in the ways of the Torah, in a harmonious and stable, driven described by the values of D ... Moses on Mount Sinai with the written and oral Torah, Joshua and then to all the people of our generation. "

If you like it "Naassenes vénichma feel" = "and understand that" one of the most important sentences in the Torah, I do not think that we are asked, without an understanding of the practice, without knowing whether the requests are given based. Quite the contrary! The Torah prohibits the act on the basis of blind faith.

We also know that D ... was sent gave the Torah, and Moses. "At Mount Sinai, our parents Naas vénichma said they saw and heard the divine revelation. But today they can not see or understand. This Rambam (ZAL), states that one has to understand the Torah, and then practice.

The Jewish people face on Mount Sinai, gave Moses the Torah, said: "Prove to us that this is true ..."

Rashi relates that directly asked to see his King D ...

D ... Moses then said: "My people are correct, have done well, said they are ready, and I will show in three days"

History shows that the source of the greatest genocides, wars of religion of the most devastating There are leaders who believe the truth. Convinced of this truth has refused to impose the will or the power of humanity.

People think (or non-exercise), while the only truth could bring (Truth alone is good for humanity) could become killers. Who the truth of his being subject to the happiness of mankind to oppose.